Linen dress for pregnancy

 We feel truly special when speaking about motherhood, about the relationship with our own bodies, about meeting ourselves and the new version of our lives which tuck into each pregnant woman’s door.

Using our creative process and linen dresses we aim to speak about you and about us – about women and our inexhaustible power.

This blog post we wish to dedicate to women who are in the moment of waiting.

We have crafted something special for you - a highly comfortable sleeveless linen dress. We secretly hope it might be your favourite one out of all linen summer dresses!


It goes wide down from your bust and does not restrict any moves so you can feel wonderful until the very last day of your pregnancy.

Wide and long linen dress provides you with cosiness and convenience. The fabric is pleasant to wear on hot summer days which makes you feel free when you need it most. We all know that comfort takes the first place and casual linen dresses do score on this one. 

Once you take Motula dress on you will notice how carefully crafted, loved and completed it is. Each detail and slow process – starting from the idea to its fulfilment – takes a lot of time. This is why we do not aim to create new linen dresses designs every season; we choose to perfect the quality, harmony and attentiveness in our process of production.

Staying natural is one of Motula priorities, so we speak bravely and take responsibility for our brand. Motula dresses are made of certified linen from Lithuania. Talking about Lithuania - every little thing we choose in our brand is composed here, which strengthens the concept of motherhood and motherland.

Once again, why do we choose linen? Because linen does not require high maintenance. We wash it, hang to dry and go celebrate life! 

Therefore, since linen dress fabric has a magic feature to absorb and extract our sweat, you don’t need to wash it after every wear. This is another great advantage which saves not only the planet’s water but your time as well. 

Photography: we are thankful for LRT TV presenter, wonderful and warm woman Egle Daugelaite, who was captured in her moment of waiting wearing Motula White Flora Linen Dress. She looks so pretty in one of the most elegant linen dresses!

Egle, thank you so much for choosing Motula. 


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