Motula video presentation

Motula from Motula on Vimeo.

We met for a review of the Motula video at the weekend. Thank you for your participation and time.
Our magical evening began sitting around the wreath of Eve's branches, which united us as a symbolic circle.
Later on, everybody, even the young ones, started to paint with watercolour on a postcards our love, gratitude, apologies
for mothers.
Then, music came… Ieva gave us a gift and sang Lithuanian folk song “ Rūta Žalioji”, also my daughter Domicele played W. Gillock “The Spinner”.
We tasted home baked bread, traditional curd cheese and colleague Ingrida's father's honey.
You could try out our new linen dresses that invites you to wear skirts and enjoy your being with the natural femininity. These linen dresses came from Lithuanian linen fabric. Our value- preservation of the nation's values, that’s why we create and produce everything in Lithuania.
To prevent cheaper manufacturers, we buy and offer you local quality that will allow you to feel our spirit. Our goal is to create design which lasts.
We closed the evening with Motula video. 
We would like to present our caressed and patiently created Motula video clip.
Just sit down, relax and dive into the music, feel woman's natural beauty and tenderness. We invite you to empathize and look at the woman's light and tranquility. The gift of love to the world donated by a woman.
Twelve women from twelve different zodiac signs, twelve different months of the year and twelve different characters take part in the clip. And while we are all different and unique, we are united by the same thread of love.
Enjoy images, freshness and love.
Yours, Motula.

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