About us

Brand inspired by Lithuanian sagas where each garment embodies a meaning.

Motula - a mother and a homeland, carrying oaks on her shoulders for a hundred of years.

For you and for your openhearted child.

 About us

A saga  about Lithuania


She is enormously huge and deep.

She sleeps under the woods with one eye opened, carrying the oaks on her shoulders for the hundreds of years.

She is so old her wrinkles are made of ground folds.

She holds her breath each time she sees you crying.

Her hands are entirely wide and stringy to the roots of the trees, so they can embrace everyone walking.

She does not need water as the whole river flows inside her; so she doesn’t need air as all of the wind swirls in her lungs.

Her hair is made of tales and small children laughter, continuing forever: through the villages to homes, wrapping each of our hearts and memories.

You know her so well.

You came from her. You live in her. You will disappear into her.

She is your homeland. Your Motula.